Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Goodies...And Other General Debauchery

Good morning, sunshine!

We all got a chance to catch up on our beauty sleep the night before and didn't wake up until pretty late in the morning. Our task for the day? Scouting around the city to find prices for the goody bag fillers: instant noodles, milk, sugar, and MSG. With limited funds, we of course didn't want to miss out on the cheapest deal.

Everybody else met downstairs to divide into groups and go price hunting. Thuy's group went farther away into another district because her family lived in Saigon and were gracious enough to help us out.

We all convened in someone's room and compared the prices that we had found.

Thuy ended up with the best prices for everything because she went to a cheaper district. The district we were in (district one) was the most expensive because it catered to tourists. We decided to purchase all our products from Thuy's places and to package them the next day so that they would be ready for our trip on Friday.

Michael suggested a BBQ place that he had stumbled upon earlier during the day, and we all decided that was where we would go for dinner. The restaurant was crowded and had a lot of customers, but in the end, some of us never got our meal or what we ordered.

We headed out to the karaoke place at New World hotel.

The karaoke place turned out to be well designed and a lot of fun...but watching those sketchy middle-aged business with scantily clad girls dangling off of them was a little disturbing to say the least.

We lounged around on the big plush seats, and flipped through the song book to find tunes we could sing along to. Whenever one of our songs came up, we would all get really into it and scream really loud - well at least some of us did. Amos did a rap number, which was so much fun to watch. We all cheered him on!

Ah...the end of another spectacular day.

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