Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the show begin!


The 19 members of VMO began trickling into Megan's house. We packed donation suitcases with medications, multivitamins, and children's clothes and toys. Then, we went our separate ways to meet each other back at the airport!

JTran, Megan, Norris, Christie, Christian, Sanjeev all went out to dinner at Lotus House and La Burrita for one last hurrah dinner before going to Asia.

Bay Porter arrives and off goes the first group to SFO! The group gets there so early that the booths haven't even opened yet, and we are the first passengers to check-in. We wait there for a long time with Kelly too.

We check in. We meet Y-Nhy's parents, both. She has a giant package of donation clothes. It's over the weight limit, so her parents rip it open and start shoving clothes into little handbags for carry on, and some into other people's luggages (because Stephanie, Michael, and Thuy L, Thuy N, and Vivian have arrived too).

Megan pulls out Taboo and Apples to Apples. Many of us try to play, others just wanna hang out, many need their coffee/caffeine fix, and overall, starting to get to know everyone's names. Thuy Nguyen's passport and visa combo is unfortunately denied and Christie went to try to sort things out. Otherwise, all handy dandy.

We're off to Taipei, Taiwan, CHINA

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