Wednesday, June 4, 2008

War Remnants Museum

After an exhausting week, we were ready for some historical fun!

Our plan was to visit the War Museum, but after a tiring night, we were running a bit late in the morning and didn't get there until almost noon.

When we arrived back to the center of town, we decided to see the museum first before getting lunch. After paying the entrance fee, we followed wall after wall of pictures of the Vietnam War and short explanations of the history behind each photo. There were two jars with malformed babies preserved in formadehyde, a testament of the horrendous effects of Agent Orange. At the very end, there were pictures that children had drawn of "a peaceful world," which was a nice contrast from everything we had seen at the museum.

When we got back to the hotel again, everyone who had gone to Nha Trang was back! Most of them were leaving for the US the next day, so we said goodbye to them because we were leaving at 8 PM on a bus to Ba Me Thuot in central Vietnam.

A little after 8 PM, we boarded the bus, picked up the doctors and a few other volunteers, and headed off for a long drive to Ba Me Thuot. Some of us slept wonderfully while others could hardly sleep a wink because the ride was so bumpy!

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