Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends of Hue Clinic

After an arduous day of work and fun, we all met in one hotel room on Saturday night to discuss plans for the following day. It was then that we discovered the daunting news that we would have to split into two groups to work at different mobile clinics. Having spent a week doing everything together, we were virtually inseparable. More importantly, our group was assigned the task of working at a mobile clinic without the guidance of our “Mama Diep.” 
The next day came and we were nervous and unsure of what to expect. Regardless, we loaded our taxi and were driven to a shelter in Hue. As we waited for the children to arrive in shuttles, we set up banners and organized the medicine and vitamins in the pharmacy room. 

Upon arriving, the children lined up to sign in and get their weight and height measured by Andrea and Bao. They continued upstairs to see the doctors and came to the pharmacy room afterwards. Michelle bagged the medicine and handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste while Thuong took their prescription papers and called out names of children receiving their medicine. Although hectic at times, the overall process went very smoothly and the children behaved well. A total of 179 children were given check-ups and medicine. Vitamin C pills were popular among the children. When they weren’t prescribed by the doctor, the children asked for pills themselves. Luckily, the Vitamin C pills were abundant and every child that wanted them was able receive some. 
Hygiene and sanitation education
During our down time, we formed a circle with the children and played singing and dancing games such as “Who Is King.” The children were not the only ones who had a good time; we had lots of fun ourselves. After taking plenty of pictures and saying our goodbyes, we headed home in happy spirits knowing the children benefited in at least one way from our presence.

 -- submitted by Thuong Tran, UC Berkeley

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